Assurant launches auto product suite, digital experience

Assurant announced the release of its new suite of automotive products, Assurant Vehicle Care, which offers legacy protection products and digital tools to help customers manage their policies and protect their vehicles, including vehicle maintenance contracts, guaranteed asset protection and prepaid vehicle maintenance. The new product portfolio provides an enhanced digital experience with the Vehicle Care by Assurant and Assurant app. car care Web site.

“One thing we did with Assurant Vehicle Care to stand out is we really took a step back with the launch of this product, this set of products, and really thought about everything from a consumer perspective first,” says Josh Sonnier, vice president. President of Global Strategy and Product Implementation at Assurant.

When a consumer purchases a product at a point of sale, they are instructed, either through their contract or through the retailer, to download the Vehicle Care by Assurant app. Sonnier explains that an app “traditionally takes a very paper-based experience for the consumer and transforms it into a digital experience.”

Through the digital online capabilities of the app and website, customers can digitally record contracts and other related documents such as protection plans, search for safety reviews, proactively track claim status, receive vehicle repair notifications, manage future vehicle maintenance, and communicate policy.

To demonstrate the convenience of the digital experience provided by online tools, Sonnier explains: “Most of our products are delivered with roadside assistance. If you run out of gas or have a breakdown on the side of the road, [and] if your paper contract with all the roadside assistance details is potentially in your car, and let’s say you’re locked up on top of that… It doesn’t help much if it’s in the glove compartment. You can have everything right on your phone so it’s very, very easy to access.”

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Assurant has also adjusted pricing for Vehicle Care products to reflect inflation, even as claims rates and vehicle repair costs continue to rise.

“We guarantee that we are number one in the signing of these types of contracts and insurance coverage worldwide in the United States. And just because we have direct access to such a large amount of data, we can see trends probably earlier than anyone else in our industry. ‘, says Sauniere. “So we have seen all the inflationary pressures that have been building up over the course of about 12 months. And with this revised program, where we can evaluate it accordingly, knowing what future inflation will look like… we can evaluate it. today in terms of the cost of losses and in terms of the experience of losses.”

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