Digital insurance talks internet of things with Church Mutual president Alan Ogilvie

We think it’s important to weave it into the fabric of our organization and not see it as a project or an initiative. You mentioned, for example, our sensors, which were one of our first steps in this area. And we are incredibly pleased – we have more than 16,000 locations deployed. These sensors can detect anything from extreme temperatures to water leaks and power outages. And this is certainly very important for us. If you most recently thought about the polar vortex that has affected a large part of the United States. In 2022, we had, I think, over 9,000 water alerts and over 6,000 temperature alerts. Particularly in the niches we operate in, it’s incredibly important to help them and avoid disruptions, not to mention avoid losses for us.

If you think about certain religious institutions, then they may contain relics and historical objects, frankly, irreplaceable. And so no amount of money can replace some of these historical relics. It’s important to help them understand how technology like this can help them avoid losing some of their most valuable possessions.

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