Hiscox, ClarionDoor partner on second API-hosted coverage offering

Small business insurer Hiscox USA has expanded its partnership with ClarionDoor, an insurance distribution and policy management company owned by Zywave, to distribute a different type of insurance through its platform.

“No one likes a menu with only one choice,” said Ed Sanchez, senior vice president and head of digital operations and solutions at Hiscox USA. “A good range of options, combined with broker’s expert advice, allows policyholders to choose the most suitable coverage for them.”

To that end, ClarionDoor will now offer Hiscox USA Crime insurance coverage, which insures against technology-assisted fraud, theft, and extortion through its API. Hiscox also has its own P3 portal which provides Crime and CyberClear coverage services.

“By digitizing Hiscox small business products, we make it easier for brokers to offer them and for insurance companies to access them,” Sanchez said. “Brokers are moving to multi-carrier platforms and ClarionDoor allows Hiscox to access those platforms or markets by connecting through an API.”

Hiscox first partnered with ClarionDoor in 2019 and launched CyberClear in 2020, a cyber risk coverage solution for small businesses under $100 million in revenue. CyberClear covers privacy, data breaches and network outages, Sanchez said. It also offers prevention and response services and is updated to respond to the latest ransomware and cyber threats.

Hiscox partnered with ClarionDoor after a selection process. “We were very impressed with ClarionDoor’s capabilities and their exact match to our requirements,” said Sanchez. Since then, Hiscox has made ClarionDoor the preferred supplier. The partnership will allow Hiscox partner brokers to conduct business 24 hours a day, including access to quotes, quote anchoring and cross selling. Sanchez said CyberClear’s quotes have increased when connected to Clarion Door, and he expects a similar increase to cover crime.

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“Launching new products can be extremely difficult without the right technology,” said Pat McCall, vice president of sales for ClarionDoor. “That’s why insurers and MGAs appreciate the power and flexibility of the ClarionDoor platform. It is also built on an API architecture that ensures seamless distribution. We are thrilled to support Hiscox on their path to even better customer service and support.”

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