Surround collaborates with GO on BYO insurance

Surround Insurance, an independent first-buyer-focused insurance agency, has partnered with GO, an auto subscription service, through the Bring Your Own Insurance program.

The BYOI program will give GO customers access to Surround coverage options from various carriers and agent tips.

This was stated by Jay Grayson, CEO and co-founder of Surround Insurance. Digital Insurance that the company matches insurance products to the needs of the client.

Surround Insurance co-founders: Keith Terry, COO, and Jay Grayson, CEO.

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“We are building for new insurance buyers, so people who are largely invisible to the industry are entering the market in unconventional ways, and we believe that if we acquire them early on in their journey to buying insurance, they will stay with us for the rest of our lives.” life,” Grayson says. “So we’re looking for new entry points where new customers come into the market, and one of those points is subscription cars. … We innovate in car ownership and also innovate in insurance. The partnership is really about implementing Surround. Insurance in the car stream under the GO subscription.

Michael Beauchamp, CEO and founder of GO, wrote in an email response that traditional car insurance is built for ownership.

“Most of the time they know and understand how to rent or finance a car, but that’s about it. Once you start talking about keeping the vehicle registration with the owner of the asset, things get confusing. Surround solved this issue. … Insurance has always been a struggle in this evolutionary part of the automotive space that we are in. We believe that partnerships with forward-thinking insurers and GAs will enable us to continue to address existing issues and pain points for our clients.”

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Customers are currently redirected to a landing page on the Surround site from the GO checkout process.

“In the future, we look forward to bringing Surround directly into the final step of the checkout process so that our customers can transact and purchase insurance without even leaving the GO ecosystem,” Beauchamp adds.

Grayson says Surround wants to build coverage tailored to each individual.

“The industry has evolved over the past 100 years to be heavily product based and we believe it really should be much more lifestyle based… We have multiple carriers and multiple lines of business. The roadmap for us is to start with the consumer first. and then figure out what coverage they need based on how they go through life. The vision is really customer driven and we develop insurance for them.”

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